This is the personal website of Michael Cade a.k.a. me.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my fiancée, son, dog, and cat.  

I play music with friends, I write stuff, I take photos and I talk about things.

Topics in which I have some degree of useful knowledge include music, sports, the energy industry, parenthood, marriage, dating, travel, weird political theory, and random esoterica. I’m also a fan of strange aesthetics, environs, and architecture, and I’m fascinated by symbols, ritual, iconography, etc.

Longform blog posts, outbursts of impulsive thought, book reviews, interviews, podcasts and audio miscellany will appear on this site. I may also feature the occasional guest blogger. Some self-published books might eventually be available for purchase too.

I’m always open to new ways of making money, so if you have a writing and/or creative project in need of an extra brain, I’m available.


Thanks for visiting.