What the Hell is Going On In the World? LINKS 10/15/17



Michael Krieger on empire-destroying wars that seem likely:

….be a better person. Try to help people who need it. Spread ideas of decentralization and promote a worldwide movement away from centralized authoritarian structures wherever and whenever possible. The future is what we make of it, and the future can be very bright. To create a better world we’ll need a more conscious population grounded in decent behavior, and there’s no better place to start than with ourselves.


Alexander Blum on Jung and the Trumpian Shadow:

Conservatives, particularly in the intellectual tradition of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and other anti-Communists, believe that the angelic heights of humankind are forever tied to their immutable and hellish depths. Every inch striving toward a perfect world is met with an inch striving toward absolute hell. This is an idea proposed by Jung, who said: “The fact is that if one tries beyond one’s capacity to be perfect, the shadow descends into hell and becomes the devil.”

This has consequential implications for the political world. If we strive to be utopians, and erase all forms of inequality, sweep away all profanity, heal the wounds of racism and take ourselves off the cross of sin, our own lesser nature will double-back against us, and refuse our motions every step of the way. In this way, the utopian unknowingly digs his own grave. This was certainly the case with Communism throughout the 20th century. But this fallibility of human perfection continues, seemingly forever.

Phil Rockstroh on Jungian Synchronicity:

A few decades back, I had a rendezvous with Jungian Synchronicity.

I was en route to a local watering hole in the company of a crackpot realist acquaintance who was mocking Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity in a volley of glib derision. His ire had been provoked when The Police’s song of the same appellation had come on the car radio. Among his complains, he had opined, Roxanne was a far superior song and that the song in question was simply flakey-ass gibberish.

When we exited his car and as we were walking into the bar, a woman was exiting. We held the door for her. As she passed, a voice from within called out, “You’re not going to say goodbye, huh, Roxanne?” He said the occurrence was “mere coincidence,” and “only some kinda feeble minded twit” would believe that sort of “Age of Aquarius…deeper than thou, acid casualty, [Donovan] ‘way down below the ocean’ hippie-ass nonsense…” Next, after a three second or so beat, the jukebox, which no one was near, switched songs, and you guessed it, [Donovan]’s hippie anthem Atlantis rose into the cynicism reeking air.

He remained unmoved. When we returned to his car, he started the engine, just as the bar patron Roxanne was exiting her car and returning to the bar, as the car radio blared Sting’s opening call of, “R-O-X-A-N-N-E.”

I said to him, “the universe is simply proving to you that It is a more adept smart-ass than you are.”


John Robb on how Americans are dying of overdoses in record numbers:

Americans are killing themselves in record numbers.

The method of choice? Overdose.

This year, there will be over 50,000 deaths due to overdoses in the US and it’s still climbing.


Michael Krieger on whether the nation-state is still a useful model for governance:

…we can expect many more movements for decentralized power in the decades ahead for two main reasons. First, the current system is simply not working for most people. Second, as we become more connected and conscious, we will invariably conclude that all human beings deserve to have a real choice in the type of governments they live under. The prevailing assumption that we’re simply born into a particular nation-state and must accept this situation for the rest of our days irrespective of how brutal, oppressive and dysfunctional it may be, is an irrational, inhumane and outdated perspective.

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