Important Shit: Beauty, Terror and Awe

This was excellent and timely advice I stumbled upon with Instagram today. Maybe it can provide some inspiration to you as well.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. If you are struggling with the black dog of depression, or are having a hard time finding meaning in your life, take what follows as an Rx and apply immediately: Go run as fast as you can, as far as you can, til your lungs burn. Pick something heavy up and put it down again as many times as you can, til your blood rushes and your heart pumps like jackhammer. Call in sick and grab a tent and sleeping bag and go out into the woods without your phone and stay there in communion with the natural world. If you are truly suffering from chemical imbalance/clinical depression, eat a handful of psilocybe mushrooms and reset your circuits. Don’t take my word for it- look up studies from places like Johns Hopkins. They agree with me. This is the best advice that I have for those who are asking, or those who might be reading this now. Action is the key to meaning. We define our meaning through the things that we create with our actions. We start with our own bodies, and then turn our gaze outward, to master the world. To live with meaning and purpose is to tap into the mythological foundations of existence, and to use that raw material to bring into being things of might and beauty, terror and awe. But it all starts with action. Don’t let the sand run out while you overthink and over analyze. Go. Do. Create. #operationwerewolf

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