What the Hell is Going On in the World? LINKS 12/15/17


—Some tips on investing in Bitcoin over at Quantitative Research and Trading

Invest no more than 10% to 20% of your net worth. Losing this will hurt, but not kill you. Yes, you probably won’t become a Bitcoin billionaire, but neither will you end up in the poor house. Do not, under any circumstances, sell all your assets and plunge in. If you lose your home and the college fund, your wife and kids will never forgive you.


Jordan Greenhall discusses global collapse and collective intelligence on the Future Thinkers podcast.


Caitlin Johnstone on why Russiagate conspiracy theorists are the worst kind of conspiracy theorists.

Their theory does not scrutinize power; it protects it. Rather than holding their conspiracy theory lightly, they have turned it into a frenzied, uncritical cult. They are, as one reader so aptly put it, one comet away from Heaven’s Gate.

Oleg Yegorov on why Russians love Adidas track suits so much.

The German sports brand’s relationship with the country dates back to the Soviet Union, and the three (sometimes two) stripes made a serious splash over the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. No one could have predicted that Adidas would become the hallmark of Russia’s criminal world.


The CIA, the KGB, the NSA and “psychic nukes”:

….two types of telekinetic weapons were hypothesized: a telekinetic time bomb and the equivalent of a psychic nuke that could dislodge a city in time and space.


Sheldon Richman writes:

Government law-enforcement agencies should not be allowed to administer credibility tests to Americans or others. If they have evidence of real offenses against persons and property, bring charges. Otherwise, leave us all alone.


—A look at where people spend the most (and least) on rent.

California (average rent of $1,901) is the most expensive state to rent, outpacing the runner-up, Hawaii, by nearly $200. Los Angeles is the most expensive city in the United States for rent ($2,600). LA residents also pay the highest percentage of their income in rent (23.9%). Four of the top five most expensive cities are in California.

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