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photo by Michael Cade

What the Hell is Going on in the World? LINKS 01/14/18



Photomontages that trace light through overgrown countrysides and abandoned interiors.



Australia’s pyro-birds:

…firehawk raptors congregate in hundreds along burning fire fronts, where they will fly into active fires to pick up smouldering sticks, transporting them up to a kilometre (0.6 miles) away to regions the flames have not yet scorched.

“The imputed intent of raptors is to spread fire to unburned locations – for example, the far side of a watercourse, road, or artificial break created by firefighters – to flush out prey via flames or smoke…”



Steve Sailer: What will cause the next economic crash?

One possibility is a 1929 style stock market crash. Stocks haven’t reached “Dow 36,000″ yet, but they are high.

Another is crypto-currency. Bitcoin is obviously a brilliant innovation, but even the smartest new innovations in currency often cause problems initially. For example, John Law was a genius Scottish economist who got himself in tight with the French monarchy in the early 1700s to promote his paper money scheme backed by shares. Paper money was a pretty good idea (I have some in my wallet), but his Mississippi Bubble of 1720 caused no end of problems.

China is a possibility. It has been growing forever, so a retrenchment will eventually happen.



Alexander Blum: The Failed Hero’s Journey

Instead of cursing God and rebelling against existence, Job acted morally in an immoral world – and because of it, the purpose of man became higher than the purpose of God. The creator of the universe, in the book of Job, was an unconscious monster, and his own creation was a faithful moral hero. The creation surpassed the creator on the moral plane. It is perhaps one of the most staggering stories ever told.



Colours: A Magickal Framework

Have you ever looked back and not recognised the person you were during a previous time period? Has that person seemed a perfect stranger, not out of any regret or identifiable current emotion, but just weirdly, ‘because’?

Wrapping your head around the becauses and how they arise is daunting – how can it be we are generally one way during a certain epoch and another in another?

This phenomenon, which can stretch weeks, months and years of a person’s life, can be seen as a subset at the individual level of the overall phenomenon that produces historical trends, groupthink mindsets and fads.

Think of these epoch exemplars as temporal movements that largely inhabit unawareness, shifting personal ‘essences’ and behavioural traits, traits by which others can sometimes objectively view you.

An example would be ‘that was my philosophy stage, when I was into philosophy and dressed all in black’ or ‘weird how I didn’t notice all my friends were vampires then and I was only into pale elizabethan-looking women’. But it would also be more involved than this: You also find you love spare-looking food presentation, simple streets as opposed to busy ones and have acquired an appreciation for Brian Eno – or Diamanda Galás.

It’s an inescapable fact of existence – you will and do overlook aspects of your own ongoing behaviour, presentation, desires and predilections and it’s often these very essences that make up the objective snapshots of your life.

An awareness of these hidden shades of being, perhaps seen as ‘colours’, (as they appear to me – think of Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ if you like) brings about an appreciation for the limits and strengths of the conscious will’s ability. They basically reveal that ‘You’ are not in control, or, the part of you that is commonly seen as the driver, is not.

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