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Skateboarding Photo by David Martyn Hunt

Skate Shake: Julius Caesar

A brief note on some cool stuff happening down in the desert.

Skate Shake: Julius Caesar

If you like Shakespeare and skateboarding — or either of the two! — consider donating to the new project of my friend Veronica Everett in Santa Fe, who is merging those worlds:

Can you be an arts revolutionary?

We want to Skateboard Shakespaere! Board the Bard!

You could be an arts pioneer with us.

This production puts real Skateboarders, graffiti artists, rappers and musicians from the Santa Fe NM community, doing moving interactive Shakespaere, with live rock music and painting, mentoring with community members on all facets of production, and breathing new rules of life into this classic play of politics, treachery, betrayal and blood.

Shakespaere for a new generation; boarding the Bard one nose grinding soliloquy at a time.

Any leftover funds will go to a possible tour of Skate Shake to other skate parks and communities.
—And back to the boarders.

Anything you can contribute to help with this project would mean the whole of Rome!

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars—But in ourselves.”




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