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This piece is a little old (from last spring) but interesting: Cicada 3301: The Mysterious Recruiting of the Intellectual Elite.

Cicada 3301 is ultimately a think tank. They do no advocate illegal activities, nor do they involve themselves in hacking of any kind. The group is exclusively dedicated to researching and developing techniques and technology to aid in the ideas they advocate which are liberty, transparency and security though technology.

Clues within the Cicada 3301 puzzle system even seemed to have predicted Wikileaks release of vault 7. Is it possible that the people that created this system of puzzles is responsible for one of the most damning data dumps in history?

The mystery behind the series of puzzles is still vast and shrouded in darkness. It seems as more of this mystery is revealed to the public, the larger the mystery grows. This is by no means the end of the uncovering, but for the purpose of keeping this article at a reasonable length, my documentation of it is concluded for now.



Language, magic and the universe as code:

If power corrupts, and each of us is endowed with inestimable power, we could cast human civilization as a long war of words, a battle to determine what is real. Robert Anton Wilson once quipped, “Reality is the line where rival gangs of shamans fought to a standstill.” This statement hides the fact that we’re all shamans, and every time we say, “This is this,” we reset the parameters of the real. Most of these shamanic battles are relatively innocent, just primate teeth-baring and jockeying for dominance in a given situation. However, in the wrong mouths, words can lead to disaster. Consider Jim Jones or Adolf Hitler, who by force of their oratory, led hundreds and millions to their deaths.

The Interface Theory of Perception and how we interpret weird shit:

For years people have sought to explain [Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon] in either a physical or psychological manner with variations up and down a scale.

But could there be a better interpretation – one that dovetails with one of the current cutting edge theories of consciousness?

Enter the Interface Theory of Perception, which bravely posits that the very space time we witness and live in is nothing more than an interface we’ve evolved to navigate an extremely complex, as-yet undiscovered objective reality.

Everyday objects like the computer I’m using and the trees I’m looking at outside – all physical objects in fact – are nothing more than symbols/icons in my interface, according to the theory, which is used as a guide throughout existence.

Three interesting aspects of this theory are:

A) That the objects we see in space time are not accurately representative of their stimulus in the said mysterious underlying objective reality, just as icons on a computer screen don’t come anywhere near accurately representing the complex reality of programs running in a computer.

B) The physical objects we see and interact with everyday should be taken seriously, but not literally IE: Just because a tree is not really a tree, as per the theory, it doesn’t mean you should start trying to walk through it – its job is to show you where you can’t go, (unless you are climbing).

C) Causation is not happening within the space time interface. The snowball you just threw during ‘winter’ wasn’t ‘you’ throwing it and it wasn’t a snowball. Instead, the whole scenario is representative of some type of action happening in said mysterious objective reality – whatever this proves to be.

If we correlate an understanding of this theory and how it pertains to space time with reported sightings of UAP, a new appreciation for what’s being observed can develop.

Interface Theory’s creator, Dr. Donald Hoffman has suggested that phenomenon like synaesthesia may be instances of evolution at work, a kind of real time tinkering of the interface to see what works and what doesn’t via mutation.

In that light, it’s not hard to see how UAP sightings could be examples of a similar tinkering.



The history of TV broadcast intrusions:

These intrusions are, in their starkest form, a viewer taking control of the media and becoming a producer instead of a consumer. Instead of seeking absolution from one’s complicity in the media spectacle as the medium itself demands, digital pirates like the Chicago Max, Captain Midnight, and Vrillon of the Galactic Federation successfully took over the overwhelmingly dominant media of their time to get their own idiosyncratic messages out. The idea of an ordinary citizen becoming a broadcaster, even if it was for a couple of minutes and illegal, was a radically dangerous and decentering gesture in the 1980s. The rise of satellite and microwave technology and gaps in broadcasters’ ability to keep pace with the ingenuity of ordinary citizens made it possible. As the Captain Midnight case showed, the networks and the government weren’t about to let something like this happen again.


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