Strange & Wonderful Things LINKS 02/23/18


“Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake”:

…a political leader in the town of Nysa, Czeslaw Bilobran, has reportedly said the cow will live out its life in peace.

Politician and former singer, Pawel Kukiz, raised the animal’s plight…in a Facebook post in which he offered to pay for the “hero cow” to be saved from death.

“She escaped heroically and infiltrated the island in the middle of the lake, where it remains today,” Mr Kukiz said, according to Polish news magazine Wprost. “She did not succumb to firefighters who wanted to transport her by boat and she was still on the battlefield.

“I am not a vegetarian, but fortitude and the will to fight for this cow’s life is invaluable. Therefore, I decided to do everything to cause the cow to be delivered to a safe place and in the second stage, as a reward for her attitude, give her a guarantee of a long-term retirement and natural death.



Deke Dickerson writes about Larry Collins: The Kid Who Recorded the First Punk Rock Record (and Invented Surf Rock):

In my opinion…the very first punk rock record was a strange little ditty called “Whistle Bait,” recorded by 13-year old Larry Collins in 1958.

Larry: “I’ve never told anyone this story, but one day my dad was driving me home from school, and he saw a real good looking girl standing on the corner. He turned to me and said, ‘you know, you need to write a song called “WHISTLE BAIT.”’ He didn’t play any instruments, hell he could barely play the radio, and he never wrote any songs, but he loved women. And the title of that song came from him. Luckily, my mom (Hazel ‘Hurricane’ Collins) isn’t around to hear this story. I’ve never told anybody about it until now.”

Larry went home, and with his dad’s song title suggestion, wrote a song called “Whistle Bait.” It was….different. It was really different, even with the radically changing world of rock and roll music in the late 1950s. Besides the title, where did Larry get the inspiration to write it?

Larry: “When we drove home on Saturday nights from Town Hall Party, we’d have the radio in the car tuned to Wolfman Jack, on his [Mexican] border radio show. We used to love listening to him. He had that cool, weird personality, and it rubbed off on me, I guess. We played country music, but we loved rock and roll, too.”

“Whistle Bait,” even sixty years later, is one of the weirdest goddamn rock and roll records ever created.

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