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photo by Mike Cade at Meow Wolf, Santa Fe

LINKS 4.15.18


Here’s What Will Happen After a Huge Earthquake Inevitably Hits California:

If you think dealing with a dead iPhone and navigating your apartment—which may or may not still be standing—by candlelight is rough, wait until high-pressure gas lines rupture. When they break, they leak gas into the air, which can potentially ignite and cause explosions. The myriad natural gas and petroleum pipelines running through the Cajon Pass, a mountain pass between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, are particularly vulnerable to damage…The area not only lies on top of the San Andreas Fault, but it was actually formed by previous fractures in it.


R.I.P. Art Bell

In the small of the night, when the mind is open and the defenses are eased, mysteries blossom and conspiracies run wild. In the darkest of hours, Art Bell was a light left on for the lonely, the insomniacs, the Americans searching for answers in a society they believed was spinning out of control.


Is the pleasure we derive from art different than the pleasure we derive from sex, candy, drugs, etc?

If pleasures are so similar, why don’t people ever orgasm from pleasure associated with food or art? Actually some do.

According to Debra Herbenick, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at the Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Public Health, eating a ripe tomato or reading nonerotic prose has been reported to provoke an orgasm. So, too, has walking barefoot on wood floors and doing pull-ups.

She cannot yet say why, which lends support to the broader notion that “there is really so much we as scientists still don’t understand about pleasure.”


Stephen Gowans: The (Largely Unrecognized) U.S. Occupation of Syria:

There is far more to Washington’s long war on Syria than Al Qaeda, the White Helmets and the Kurds. As significant as these forces are, the threat they pose to the Syrian center of opposition to foreign tyranny has been surpassed by a more formidable challenge—the war’s escalation into a US military and diplomatic occupation accompanied by direct US military confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.


Jim Goad on John Bolton:

Bolton was one among many who tried to assure Americans that the Iraq War would “pay for itself.” Instead, the USA’s military’s interventions since 2001 have saddled taxpayers to the tune of about $4.5 trillion and counting.


Xenogoth encapsulation of a Twitter thread on the Netflix doc “Wild Wild Country”:

“Wild Wild Country” is the most riveting #micronation #documentary I’ve ever seen. I’ve never heard #Rajneeshpuram called a micronation, but look at what they did: built, ran, and governed a profitable city including roads, pipes, cops, health, entertainment, and spirituality.

Naturally, since they were a cult, their startup society experiment was a theocracy headed by a God-king, which turned out predictably poorly. But it was still an intentional, novel, (partially) self-governing community. 


Gowans: World War III — What it Is and What it Threatens to Become:

The United States, and its major media, which connive in the likely chemical weapons deception and elevate a planned illegal act of war into a moral crusade, are playing a very dangerous game. They’re willing to bring the world to the brink of a general conflagration to fulfil their vision of a hierarchy of states subordinate to the US administration’s rule—an undisputed global US empire.

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