My longtime pal Brett, who is the defacto music editor of this site, has been exploring the creation of new musical micro-genres, to which I’m definitely amenable.

In his words:

…it seems to me that my trippy personal music is best enjoyed alone, so I think I want to somehow target people who are looking for a soundtrack to make their normal boring lives more interesting and possibly weird or surreal. Some people walk around all day with earbuds in. You can live in a little cocoon doing that, and I want to supply the soundtrack to that cocoon.

I think [these loops] are meditative, even though they have some abrasive elements. Obviously it’s not for everybody, but don’t you think there are other people besides us who are craving something this specific and ambiguous at the same time? I feel like my music can be soothing to people who acknowledge the need to embrace and appreciate chaos, and when they can do that, they might be able to see the joy and playfulness that I experience while creating it.

My contribution in this creative exercise is to riff on names for these genres. “Fuguewave” is my initial offering, although that my not be quite right. (Fugue being of the psychiatric flavor, not the musical, although maybe the two can overlap for our purposes here.) 

If I were to rely on the Ray Bradbury method of spontaneously writing down lists to trigger creativity, here are a few words that seem appropriate: 

I definitely feel like there’s an audience for this kind of aural experimentation. It seems to align pretty well — at least in spirit — with the slightly odd musical rabbithole I’ve been going down lately, where I ricochet around from Glenn Branca to Tyondai Braxton to Iannis Xenakis, et al. 

What do you think? (All five of the loops above were spontaneously created by Brett in the past week or so.)


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