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This Site Now Has a Name

So, I finally went ahead and gave this site a name (as opposed to relying on the URL,, which has never really been a name, per se, just a platform from which to launch ideas)..

The new name for the site is…



There are some words for which I have a natural affinity. “Tundra” is one of them — mostly because I’m drawn to desolate places. Ergo “tundra.” And maybe “tundra” is an homage to my roots, too, as I grew up on the frozen tundra (which isn’t tundra at all but probably a temperate broadleaf forest, according to Wikipedia).

As for “palms,” I like the paradox of palm trees on the tundra, and maybe in a heavy-handed way, “palms” is a nod to the West Coast life I’ve been living the past 18 years.

“Tundra Palms” also came about by faux-necessity. In my efforts to name this site, I initially came up with “Transmissions from the Pines” due to my love of forested areas, my appreciation for the inherent mystery of such places, etc, etc.

But then I remembered there is “Pine Tree Twitter,” an existing online subculture with its own identity and attendant personas, and I didn’t want those guys to think I was trying to ride their wave. (Still, I liked that combination of words enough to label both my somewhat dormant Tumblr blog and YouTube Channel “Transmissions From the Pines,” which probably shouldn’t bother anyone).

Welcome to my corner of the internet. 

— MC


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