Jeff, Joey and I take over a segment of the girls' ALL GOLD podcast! cc @misariss @therealsandyj @HoneyB52

The @Antiwarcom art contest has been extended to the end of May, now more than ever we need your help escalating peace. Find all the details here and get your art on.

"...philosopher Alasdair Richmond suggests that a hell large enough for an infinite number of the damned could be contained within the boundaries of a finite space, and could provide infinitely-long punishment, even if time itself is finite—but only with the help of time travel."

1/ "Wild Wild Country" is the most riveting #micronation #documentary I've ever seen. I've never heard #Rajneeshpuram called a micronation, but look at what they did: built, ran, and governed a profitable city including roads, pipes, cops, health, entertainment, and spirituality.

"...everything in the world is a kind of experience. And that maybe everything has experiences . It’s a spare species of panpsychism that throws out heinous monstrousness from atomic cataclysm in New Mexican deserts in the 1950’s."

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